About Protect Minnesota

Our Mission

Protect Minnesota (a 501 c-3, EIN 41-1733573) works to end gun violence, deaths and injuries through education, advocacy and organizing. We emphasize prevention, using a public health model, and we seek to build a strong, statewide, values-based movement to end gun violence that recognizes the issue as one of justice and human rights.

Our goals include educating the public about:

The devastation to families and communities that results from the largely preventable problem of gun violence;

The increasing lethality of firearms available on the market;

The racial disparities in the impact of gun homicide on communities;

The importance of gun access as a factor in domestic homicide;

The risks of keeping guns in the home;

Safe storage of firearms in order to prevent unintentional injuries and thefts;

Ways to reduce access to firearms by those not responsible to handle them, such as children and adults with a violent history.

Preventing Gun Death and Injury

Gun injuries and deaths are preventable

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Because: All Minnesotans adults, children and teenagers -- have the right to be safe at home, at school, and in their communities, Because: Those who own or sell guns have a responsibility to make them inaccessible to those who would not or cannot use them responsibly, Because: Loopholes in current Minnesota laws have made it too easy for prohibited buyers, including teens, to illegally obtain handguns on the street, through ads in the newspaper or on the Internet, and at gun shows from unlicensed sellers.

We, as organizations and individuals, support:


    Promoting measures that Minnesotans can take to stop gun injuries and deaths, especially among children and teenagers;

    Encouraging Minnesotans, especially households with children, to store firearms safely.


    Requiring background checks for all gun sales and transfers.

    Identifying the sources of crime guns and stopping the illegal trafficking of guns in our communities.

  • Donating to Protect Minnesota

    Protect Minnesota is the result of an operating merger between Citizens for a Safer Minnesota and the Minnesota Million Mom March chapters. Protect Minnesota is a 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to educating the public on gun violence prevention. For lobbying purposes, there is an affiliated 501 (c) 4, Protect Minnesota Advocacy Fund.

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