Blog Roll

Here are some of our favorite blogs, enjoy!

Minnesota MMM Activist Joan Peterson

Common Gun Sense

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Brady Campaign Blog
Dennis Henigan’s Huffington Post Blog
God Not Guns

CeaseFire New Jersey

CeaseFire New Jersey Blog

CeaseFire Oregon

Blog Name: New Trajectory

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Bullet Counter Points
Mondays with Mike
Ordinary People
Josh Horwitz at Huffington Post

Freedom States Alliance

Gun Guys

Kentucky MMM Activist Rene Thomas

Abusing the Privilege Blog

Kid Shootings (Co-sponsored by Protect Minnesota)

Kid Shootings

New England Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence

New England Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence Blog
Ohh Shoot
A Law Abiding Citizen?

Violence Policy Center

Josh Sugarmann at Huffington Post

Washington CeaseFire

Washington CeaseFire Blog