Federal Gun Laws

Closing the Gun Show Loophole

Requiring background checks for gun purchases at gun shows.

On April 21, 2009, U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg introduced legislation to close the gun show loophole that allows people to buy guns at gun shows in most states without passing a Brady criminal background check.

The Brady Campaign writes: A new Brady report makes a strong case for Brady background checks on all gun sales in America, including those at gun shows. Allowing dangerous people such as convicted felons and domestic abusers to buy guns without Brady background checks threatens the safety of our families and communities.

Our national policy should be no background check, no gun, no excuses.

Go to www.bradycampaign.org for more information.

Tiahrt Amendment

The so-called Tiahrt Amendment has been added to the federal Approptiations bill for the past 3 years. It effectively cuts off information the public needs to determine if cities or states are experiencing specific issues with regard to gun trafficking.

It is important for the safety of our communities to prevent the amendment from being tacked on again this year.

Read more about this provision at www.protectpolice.org/