Victims of Gun Violence

Have you been affected by gun violence?

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Help for Survivors -- Survivor Resources

Survivor Resources was established at the request of Lieutenant Joe Corcoran, a retired Commander of the St. Paul Police Homicide Unit. Initially founded as the Victim Intervention Project, Inc. (VIPI), Survivor Resources came as a result of the fact that families of homicide victims did not receive help until their case was charged.

From Death to Life

A healing group for mothers who have lost a child to gun violence. Located in Minneapolis, the group draws on faith and mutual support to heal wounds and renew life.

Parents of Murdered Children

A national organization, POMC makes the difference through on-going emotional support, education, prevention, advocacy, and awareness.

Wounded in America --Stories of Survivors

Read the moving stories of those wounded by gunfire and how they survived.

In Memoriam

Darrius Lamont Dixon

My departed son
Darrius Lamont Dixon
07/19/84 - 08/19/04
Much love,
Mom (Sandra Dixon)
We all miss you very much.

Eric Anthony Woulard

To my loving son
Eric Anthony Woulard
10/26/85 to 06/16/07

Although i only had 21 yrs with you, i'm just so grateful that you choose me to be your mother. You were such a sweet & loving child that grew into a beautiful and talented young man. i will spend the rest of my natural days loving you. You will always live in my heart as well as your brothers hearts. We will celebrate everyday of your life in our hearts. You are missed so much. Thank you for leaving us your legency in your 2 beautiful children, Eric Anthony Woulard Jr. & Trinity Erica Yvette Woulard.

Sharon Brown

Jimmy Pickering

In 1954, Jimmy Pickering was killed by another child with a loaded gun they found at home.

The child who died was not the only victim that day. John Blackstone, the child who held the gun when it fired, was also a victim and has carried this memory with him for many years. He now works to prevent gun violence with the Twin Cities Million Mom March and the Protect Minnesota campaign.

Tony Bluntson

Age 15 10/4/90 to 2/24/06

Michael Anthony Bluntson Jr. (Tony) was born on October 4, 1990 and died at age 15 on February 24, 2006. He was murdered by Prentis C. Jackson, age 18, who was sentenced for first degree murder to life in prison without the possibility of parole. His mother, Doris Thomas, has formed a group called Mothers of Crime Victims.

Read Doris' letter, expressing her grief over his death.