Youth and Gun Violence

Safe gun storage saves lives. Distribute our booklet, Kids and Guns.

More on Gun Issues

Study on Stand Your Ground/Shoot First Laws
Such laws results in higher numbers of homicides.

Books About Gun Issues
A listing of books about gun issues that are helpful background reading.

Assault Weapons Ban
America needs a strong ban on assault weapons.

The National Campaign to Close the Newspaper Loophole
Closing a gun loophole for felons.

Permit Holders and Crime
Not all permit holders are "law-abiding citizens."

More Guns = More Gun Death and Injury
Guns do not make our communities safer.

Guns and Domestic Violence
The leading cause of firearm-related death for women is domestic violence.

Gun Show Loophole
A national effort to require background checks for ALL handgun purchases, including gun shows.

How Do Guns Move From Legal to Illegal?
Unlike drugs, almost all guns start as a legal product made by a licensed gun manufacturer which is then sent through a distributor to a gun store.

Fact Sheet on Background Checks

Gun Violence in the African-American Community
Young black men die from gun violence at a disproportionately high rate.

Guns and Suicide
How gun accessibility can be fatal for our friends and neighbors with depression.

Stolen Guns
How guns in the home feed the criminal market.

Regulating Guns as Consumer Products
Firearms, unlike virtually all other products manufactured in the United States, are exempt from health and safety standards.

Celebratory Gunfire
What goes up, must come down.

Shooting Ranges and Lead Toxicity
Shooting ranges are a source of lead exposure for children.

Workplace Violence
A growing concern for employers